5 Best outdoor wedding venues in Northern Virginia

Don’t you just love those wedding photos of couples nuzzling up to one another in dappled sunlight with breathtaking mountains behind them and lush colors of the season framing their nuptials?  Do you wish that was you? Do you wonder where in Northern Virginia you can also have that perfect wedding picture? We are here to help!

Being in the wedding industry for over 15 years, we’ve developed a keen knowledge and experience in celebrating weddings. At Zion Springs, we’ll feel like we’ve done our job if you are able to make a more informed decision that lets you spend your most magical day together with your loved ones.  You will notice that we don't include ourselves in this list, and that is purposeful; we want to prioritize informing and educating our readers over self-promotion.

We selected these venues for the options they provide and their stunning views, ensuring the perfect backdrop for your special day. Using the natural environment to your advantage, you have a beautiful setting for your ceremony and reception. Whether it is tall and elegant trees, rolling hills, or the tranquility of water, an outdoor wedding has a primal appeal to our earthly senses.  Its simplicity is augmented by the sweeping drama of nature.

In this article, we are sharing with you our picks for outdoor wedding venues in Northern Virginia.  We take you through wineries, historic estates, riversides, and farms that are a beautiful setting for lasting memories.  

1. The Stable at Bluemont Vineyard, Bluemont

Photo credit Bluemont Vineyards

250 guests

The Stable at Bluemont Vineyard in Bluemont offers couples a unique and picturesque setting for their wedding day. Nestled in the heart of Virginia's wine country, this venue combines rustic charm with breathtaking views of the vineyards and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Stable itself is a testament to classic architecture, with its wooden beams and elegant ambiance, making it an ideal location for those seeking a blend of natural beauty and timeless elegance. As you exchange vows, let the panoramic vistas serve as a backdrop, encapsulating the romance and promise of your special day.

2. Shenandoah Woods, Stanley

200 guests

Nestled in the heart of Virginia's picturesque Shenandoah Valley, Shenandoah Woods in Stanley seamlessly blends rustic charm with natural elegance. Imagine exchanging vows amidst a backdrop of rolling hills and lush forests, where the gentle rustle of leaves and the sweet chorus of nature provide a serene soundtrack to your special day. The venue's expansive outdoor space is a canvas for couples to create their dream wedding, whether it's a grand affair under the open sky or an intimate gathering in a cozy, wooded clearing. The natural beauty of Shenandoah Woods is complemented by its thoughtfully designed facilities, offering modern comforts while preserving the rustic allure. 

3. The Mill at Fine Creek, Powhatan

225 guests

The Mill at Fine Creek in Powhatan is a wedding venue steeped in history and natural beauty. Once a functioning gristmill, this venue has been meticulously transformed into a romantic haven for couples. Its stone ruins and serene creekside setting offer a unique blend of the past and present, creating an enchanting backdrop for your special day. The lush landscapes and flowing waters of Fine Creek provide picturesque photo opportunities, while the Mill's interiors exude rustic elegance. For couples seeking a blend of historic charm and natural splendor, The Mill at Fine Creek promises an unforgettable wedding experience.

4. The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay, Woodbridge

Photo credit www.shenandoahwoods.com
Photo credit www.ospreysgolf.com

146 guests

The Osprey's at Belmont Bay in Woodbridge is a waterfront gem, offering couples a serene and picturesque setting for their wedding day. Overlooking the tranquil Belmont Bay, this venue boasts panoramic views of the water, complemented by beautifully manicured grounds and elegant event spaces. Whether you're dreaming of an outdoor ceremony with the bay as your backdrop or an intimate indoor reception, The Osprey's provides a versatile and elegant environment. Its coastal charm, combined with top-notch amenities, makes it an ideal choice for couples seeking a blend of nature's beauty and modern sophistication for their special day.

5. Silverhearth Lodge, Bent Mountain

Photo credit www.shenandoahwoods.com

300 guests

Silverhearth Lodge, located on Bent Mountain, is a secluded haven for couples seeking an intimate and rustic wedding experience. Perched atop the mountain, this venue offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and landscapes, creating a dreamy backdrop for your nuptials. The lodge itself exudes a warm, cabin-like charm with its wooden architecture and cozy interiors. Surrounded by nature's untouched beauty, Silverhearth Lodge provides a serene and private setting, ensuring that your wedding day feels both exclusive and memorable. For those envisioning a mountain retreat combined with rustic elegance, Silverhearth Lodge is the perfect choice.

Choosing an outdoor wedding venue

Have you pictured yourself having an outdoor wedding with you walking down the aisle in a magnificent cathedral of Earth’s bounty?  This might be the perfect option if you are looking for a natural setting with beautiful views and surrounded by trees, mountains, and lakes. Imagine yourself next to a softly babbling creek or a gentle breeze blowing softly atop a mountain.  Nature’s beauty is a serene and peaceful setting for your vows. 

Our curated list captures the essence of the region's most enchanting outdoor venues. You might also be interested in vineyard weddings or even a countryside wedding. Wherever you choose to set your wedding, you will want to be prepared that you are choosing the perfect place for you. If you are unsure how many to visit, check out our article on How many wedding venues should I visit before I choose?

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