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How to choose the perfect wedding venue

Having found the love of your life, the next big step is choosing the perfect backdrop for your special day. Navigating the world of wedding venues can feel a bit like finding that perfect dress – a blend of excitement, inspiration, and a smidge of nerves! 

At Zion Springs, our heart beats for the elegance we offer.  But our joy? That's in guiding you lovely couples. Whether that's within our walls or at another magical spot, we've got your back. Dive into this guide with us. Let's turn your venue search from daunting to delightful, one page at a time!

Step 1: Understanding your wedding day vision

Picture the ideal setting for your wedding day. Are you swaying toward a beach's serenity, the barn's rustic charm, or the opulence of an elegant ballroom? Knowing the backdrop of your celebration is pivotal and simplifies the venue search.

Take into account what time of the year you will get married.  The most popular time for couples to marry is in the Summer when demand increases prices and limits availability.  Winter has the best prices and availability, but means that ethereal strapless slip of a wedding dress might be a tad nippy, and you possibly want to avoid an outdoor celebration. 

Your budget is going to affect your wedding venue and you can anticipate the venue costing approximately 40% of your total spending, so you’ll want to ensure you’ve toured a few venues and found the right one for your big day.

Step 2: Exploring wedding venue options

Venturing into the world of wedding venues means understanding that a venue is more than just its visual charm. While aesthetics are key, it's important to dig deeper. Venue reviews and firsthand experiences can give you insights beyond the pictures, let’s take a look at some important considerations.

Capabilities, layout, and ambiance

Picture a grand ballroom: elegant and majestic. But if you're planning on a live band, you'll need to check how sound travels in that space. Equally, a barn surrounded by wildflowers is undeniably charming, but consider its structure – especially if you dream of a night filled with dancing; you don’t want the shake, rattle, and roll coming from an unsteady building. And while a historic mansion with its many rooms screams grandeur, you might need a few additions, like a dance floor, to make it perfect for your celebration.

Indoor, outdoor, or the perfect blend

Does the idea of a moonlit first dance under a blanket of stars give you butterflies? An outdoor venue might be your calling. But if the allure of climate-controlled elegance with shimmering chandeliers entices you, look indoors. Some places blend the best of both worlds. Think of a picturesque vineyard: vows exchanged among the grapevines followed by a cozy reception in a vintage cellar.

Budget insights

Wedding venue budgets can vary greatly. It's vital to consider other intertwined expenses like catering and floral arrangements, and especially the hidden costs like setup fees and waitstaff gratuities. For instance, while botanical gardens bring natural beauty, cutting down the floral costs, they might necessitate a specialized catering budget due to a lack of kitchen facilities.


Elegant table setting showcased while exploring wedding venue options.

Step 3: Journeying through wedding venue selection

Embarking on the venue selection process can be thrilling yet nerve-wracking. A structured approach, however, can convert those jitters into joy. This segment offers a roadmap to ensure your venue booking is smooth, starting with mapping out your budget.

Budget blueprint 

Before exploring the world of venues, it's imperative to set clear financial boundaries. Understand every element that factors into your budget—from venue amenities to décor. By having a detailed budget in place, you can confidently explore venues that are within your means, preventing any future disappointments. Your venue is going to be your biggest expense, so knowing what you can afford helps narrow your search.

Research potential locations

Begin with envisioning the kind of wedding you want. Once that's settled, take a look online. Websites, wedding directories, and blogs are treasure troves of information. Venue reviews give you candid insights, and platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can offer real-time visuals and experiences—just follow relevant tags or locations. And never underestimate the power of personal recommendations; a friend's recent wedding venue might just be your dream spot!

Accessibility agenda

When selecting your wedding venue, location accessibility becomes a paramount consideration. It's essential to think about how easily your guests can get to the venue, considering factors like transportation options, parking availability, and proximity to major roads or public transit.  If you invite guests with physical challenges, you might want to avoid locations that are difficult to reach on foot.

Physical venue visits

Virtual tours and photos offer glimpses, but to truly get a feel of the place, you must visit in person. It allows you to gauge the space, understand logistical aspects, and envision your special day. Feel the energy of the place, check out facilities, and meet the staff. Sometimes, a venue can look perfect online but might lack a certain charm in person—or vice versa.

Read contracts carefully

Once you're smitten with a venue, the paperwork begins. When it comes to wedding venue contracts, diligence is vital. Ensure you're fully aware of all terms. Look out for details on deposits, cancellations, overtime charges, and any other potential hidden costs. If in doubt, consider getting a second opinion or consulting with a wedding planner or legal expert.

Wedding planning, and especially venue hunting, can feel a bit like venturing into the unknown. But guess what? With a dash of guidance and clever insights, it becomes a memorable part of your journey to marital bliss.


Questions you should ask when evaluating venues

Venue hunting sparks numerous questions. From checking date availability to potential hidden charges, it's essential to arm yourself with comprehensive queries for your visits.

  • Date dilemmas: Is the venue available on our dream date? You will most likely need at least a year in advance to book a Summer wedding.  Also check if there are other events at the venue on the same day.
  • The complete package: Beyond the basics, what additional services does the venue include? Some venues claim they are all-inclusive, only for you to discover that it includes only the very basics.  
  • Vendor vibes: Does the venue have their preferred vendors, or is there room to bring in our personal favorites? Do they have preparation areas for outside vendors, and does the venue coordinator have any special requirements?
  • Weather wonders: If we're dreaming of an outdoor celebration, is there a cozy Plan B in case the skies decide to surprise us? Do they have heating and cooling systems so guests are comfortable indoors?  For a winter wedding you need to check their strategy for clearing ice and snow.
  • Hidden secrets: Are there any costs lurking in the shadows that we should be aware of? Check if there are extra fees, such as the cake-cutting fee where they charge you for cutting and plating your wedding cake if you used an outside vendor.  Do they require that you use their in-house wedding planner? Are there specific noise abatement laws that require you shut down your partying at a specific time. 

Arm yourself with these questions, and your venue visits will not only feel more insightful but also ensure that every facet of your dream day is taken into account as you select your ideal wedding venue.


Top tips for selecting your ideal wedding venue

These tidbits will guide you throughout your venue selection journey, ensuring every choice aligns perfectly with your dream day.

  • Seasonal sensibilities: Considering a cozy winter wedding or a radiant summer celebration? Keep in mind that both pricing and availability can ebb and flow with the seasons.
  • Swift decision-making: Stumbled upon a venue that makes your heart skip a beat? Don't procrastinate. The most enchanting spots tend to get snapped up rather quickly!
  • The art of negotiation: Remember, it's okay to ask. A courteous conversation might just unlock some unexpected perks or savings.
  • Guests at the heart: Your loved ones will be there to share in your joy. It's worth considering their comfort and ensuring they're well-taken care of.
  • Wedding planner's perspective: Before booking site tours, chat with your wedding planner. Their local expertise often includes insights on venue capacities, features, and any hidden quirks.
  • Gut feelings count: Sometimes, a venue just exudes the right vibes. If your heart's nodding in agreement, that's a sign you're on the right track!


Navigating your wedding venue journey with confidence

Finding the ideal wedding venue can feel like a bit of a maze. But with the insights we've shared, we trust your path is now clearer, more enjoyable, and filled with anticipation. From understanding ambiance to dissecting contracts, our guide is crafted to untangle the intricacies of venue selection.

Remember, choosing a venue isn't just about aesthetics or logistics; it's about how that space complements your unique love story.

Having assisted countless couples as an all-inclusive wedding venue, we've seen myriad dreams and visions come to life. And while this guide serves as a foundation, so much more awaits you in your journey. If you have questions about anything mentioned above or need guidance on additional aspects, we're eager to assist. Our primary goal is to help you realize your vision, crafting a day as beautiful and unique as your love story.


With your newfound insights, you're poised to make brilliant venue decisions. Curious to see how Zion Springs might fit into your wedding narrative? We invite you to take a virtual a tour for a firsthand peek. It might just be the dream setting you've been searching for. 

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