Couples Jenga for the honeymoon

Honeymoon Toolkit: Couple’s Jenga

Are you looking for a fun activity to spice up your relationship? Would you like a romantic and sexy game to get things going? Do you want to explore ideas and feelings you haven’t discussed yet?  Then let’s play!

Couples Jenga is a simple and enjoyable way to get romantic with your partner.  Here is a ready-to-go kit for you to learn more about one another and explore the sexier side of yourselves.  And it doesn’t have to stay in the honeymoon suite; this is a game you can play at any time.  

Couples Jenga instructions

Below are instructions and ready-to-print labels with prompts that help you explore one another’s feelings and desires.  There are even blank labels to add your own prompts so you can make it personal.  

What do you need:

  • Jenga game (or 3” x 1” x 0.5” blocks) 
  • Avery 5260 labels  (30 per page, 1” x 3” address labels).   Alternatively, you can print on regular paper and tape/glue the labels to the Jenga blocks
  • Printer
  • Timer - you can use your cellphone timer
  • Romantic music - choose your playlist

How to play Couples Jenga

Print out the ready-made labels below and attach them to the blocks. 

There are empty labels for you to add your own prompts. 

Press the adhesive labels to the blocks, or cut out the labels if you are using regular paper and tape/glue them to the blocks. 

Only some blocks will have a label.

  1. Build the tower by layering three blocks in each row, with each new row oriented perpendicular to the last.
  2. Take turns pushing or pulling loose blocks from the tower, taking care not to topple the whole thing. Only use one hand at a time. You can’t take a block from the top two levels.
  3. If your block has a prompt, read it to your partner, who then completes the task. 
  4. Place each removed block on top of the tower in the same manner as when you first built the tower.
  5. Win the game by being the last player to successfully place a block atop the tower without toppling it. The player who topples the tower loses!

Click on this link and print your own copy

Couples Jenga printable labels

You can always start again if you topple the tower too soon.  To make it interesting, before you begin choose if both of you get to respond to the prompt.  There is not necessarily a single winner, and you decide how long to play.  To make it fun, determine the prize at the end of the game.  Or the loser’s penance!

Couples Jenga for your honeymoon

You’ve planned a dreamy wedding and a romantic honeymoon, or maybe you are celebrating your anniversary.  Take a moment for a little bit of sexy fun that will make you feel closer and more understanding of your partner, as well as learning what makes them feel good. 

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