Our Best Picks of Northern Virginia’s Enchanting Wedding Chapels

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This article presents an array of Northern Virginia chapels, in no particular order, from historic to riverside settings.  Whether your heart is set on the classic charm of St. Mary's Chapel or the welcoming embrace of The Riverside Chapel, we aim to enlighten and inspire your choice. 

Featured Chapels for Your Wedding Day

Choosing the right chapel for your wedding is a blend of emotional resonance, architectural appeal, and logistical considerations. In Northern Virginia, each venue tells its own story, offering a variety of atmospheres suited to different tastes and ceremonial preferences. Below, we detail a selection of chapels to help you find a venue that aligns with your vision.

St. Mary’s Chapel, Fairfax

St. Mary's Chapel combines heritage with tranquility, making it perfect for those envisioning traditional Catholic ceremonies. It boasts ample seating in a serene setting. St Mary's Chapel is part of the larger parish of St Mary of the Sorrows 

Grace Episcopal Church, Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Church stands out for its rich history and architectural elegance, providing a grand backdrop for Episcopal liturgical traditions. It is equipped to accommodate weddings of various sizes. Visit Grace Episcopal Church website for more details.

Annandale United Methodist Church, Annandale

Annandale United Methodist Church features a community-focused setting within a peaceful environment, suitable for couples who value a mix of traditional and contemporary Methodist worship. More information is available on the Annandale United Methodist Church website.

Bethel Lutheran Church, Manassas

Bethel Lutheran Church is recognized for its architectural elegance and spiritual ambiance, offering a harmonious blend of traditional liturgy with contemporary elements, suitable for weddings of various scales.  Visit Bethel Lutheran Church website for details.

The Old Town Chapel, Alexandria

Situated in the picturesque Old Town, The Old Town Chapel is known for its vintage charm and adaptability for personalized, intimate ceremonies. For further information, visit The Old Town Chapel website.

The Riverside Chapel, Leesburg

The Riverside Chapel offers breathtaking riverside views and a tranquil setting, perfect for unique, non-denominational ceremonies. Its picturesque location ensures unforgettable photographic opportunities. For more information, Visit The Riverside Chapel website for more information.

Faith Chapel, Lucketts

Faith Chapel in Springfield offers a welcoming space for couples looking for a non-denominational setting. Known for its community feel and flexible approach to ceremonies, it's a great choice for personalized weddings. For more details, visit Faith Chapel's website.

Choosing Your Northern Virginia Chapel for Your Wedding

This guide has taken you through a curated list of Northern Virginia's wedding chapels, from the serene to the picturesque, highlighting their unique features and atmospheres.

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