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Discover Zion Springs: an in-depth look at our all-inclusive wedding offerings

By Melanie Walker

5-minute read

Ever wondered how to turn your wedding fantasies into a joyful reality?

Welcome to Zion Springs, where we specialize in creating beautiful celebrations that are perfectly tailored to your unique love story! If you've happened upon this article, you might be curious about what it's like to have a wedding at Zion Springs.

From the first step of signing your reservation agreement, our dedicated team is by your side, turning your dreams into reality with grace and flair. Our truly all-inclusive wedding offerings are designed to take care of every detail, guiding you on a  journey that is as delightful as the destination.

Join us on this exciting journey! This guide is your gateway to discovering the magic, elegance, and joy that Zion Springs brings to your special day. We're committed to making your wedding memorable and an unforgettable, joyous celebration – indeed, your Best Day Ever!


Unveiling Zion Springs' stunning wedding packages: a sneak peek

Set against a backdrop of serene natural beauty, our 24-acre estate with walnut groves, vineyard, orchards, and the Catoctin Creek meandering through the property is the dreamy escape every couple is searching for! We're all about celebrating the one-of-a-kind love stories that make each wedding shine with our comprehensive all-inclusive wedding packages, each thoughtfully designed to match your style, budget, and wishes. Let's make your big day as fabulous as you've imagined!

What's your ideal wedding package?

Excited to find the perfect match for your big day? Get ready to explore the beautiful options at Zion Springs! From intimate elopements to grand weekend celebrations, we have something tailor-made to make your heart skip a beat. : 

  • Elopement: A romantic escape for two.
  • Minimony: An intimate gathering for 25-100 guests.
  • One-day wedding: A full day of festivities for 50-150 guests.
  • Weekend wedding: A weekend-long celebration for 75-200 attendees.

Picture this: Exchanging vows amid breathtaking landscapes, seamlessly orchestrating every detail. Our packages include a comfortable couple's retreat, professional photography, and personalized floral arrangements.

But that's not all; at Zion Springs, we go beyond planning—we curate experiences. Our thorough project management keeps you informed and confident. Envision yourself preparing in our chic dressing rooms, declaring your love on an exquisite terrace, and reveling in the exclusivity of the estate.

From idyllic gardens to seamless execution, we're dedicated to joyfully infusing your day. 

Take a closer look at Zion Springs wedding packages and see what we offer.


All-inclusive options at Zion Springs

Zion Springs, nestled in Hamilton, Virginia, crafts a seamless wedding experience with its inclusive packages. Tailored catering accommodates diverse dietary preferences, while photography services capture candid and posed moments. Videography options, including the Heirloom Film, elegantly document your day, with extras like thank-you videos and engagement shoots available.

To create a harmonious ambiance, each package includes a personalized floral consultation and access to a wide selection of décor. We simplify guest coordination with a custom wedding website, streamlining RSVPs, hotel bookings, and event schedules while enabling remote participation through live streams.

The venue combines rustic charm with refined elegance, offering scenic walking gardens and strolls along the creek. Guests enjoy exclusive access to the manor house and property throughout the weekend. The Elegant Barn Ballroom and a cozy covered porch further enhance the experience, all supported by ample parking for guests.

Elope in style

At Zion Springs, we celebrate the intimate and profound connection between two people with our all-inclusive elopement package, and it’s where your love takes center stage. Designed to be both stylish and budget-friendly, our package allows you to begin this new chapter stress-free. 

Our elopements offer a delightful mid-week getaway on Thursdays and include everything you need for a seamless celebration – from lodging and florals (your bouquet and boutonniere) to photography, catering, and music. Choosing to elope at Zion Springs means embracing a celebration that's intimately yours and effortlessly elegant. 

For a romantic escape for two and an immediate elopement estimate tailored to your budget, simply input your details to receive an instant response.

The magic of minimonies

A minimony at Zion Springs offers the perfect blend of intimacy and celebration, explicitly designed for couples who desire a meaningful union surrounded by a select group of close friends and family. 

Available on Wednesdays, these special ceremonies cater to couples wishing to share their union with 25-100 of their nearest and dearest. Every detail, from the florals to the photography and catering, is thoughtfully curated to align with your budget and ensure a smooth experience. The charm of these smaller, more personal ceremonies is further enhanced by customization options, allowing couples to add elements like a dance party or other personal touches that reflect their unique journey. 

What is the cost? Quickly obtain a personalized minimony budget estimate for your dream event.

One-day wedding extravaganza

Zion Springs' one-day weddings are ideal for couples eager to relish every moment of their celebration within a magnificent day. Ideally suited for time-savvy pairs, this package allows you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience, surrounded by 50 to 150 loved ones on a Friday or Saturday. 

Thoughtfully designed to be all-inclusive and hassle-free, every detail, from florals to catering, aligns seamlessly with your vision. The beauty of this package lies in its flexibility, providing customization options so your celebration genuinely reflects your preferences.

To make planning even smoother, you can effortlessly obtain a personalized one-day wedding budget estimate, helping you envision your perfect day without any financial surprises.

The ultimate weekend wedding experience

Zion Springs offers a weekend wedding package ideal for couples seeking to transform their nuptials into an extended, joyous occasion. This package is perfect for turning your special day into an extended celebration, beginning with a rehearsal dinner on Friday, then a memorable wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday, and concluding with a delightful brunch on Sunday. 

The package is designed to let you spend more time with your close friends and family, ensuring you can savor every moment instead of rushing through your wedding. From planned activities like lawn games and cocktails on the patio to intimate gatherings, everything is smoothly arranged for 75 to 200 guests. Zion Springs simplifies the planning process, providing a complete and stress-free experience, including on-site lodging, so you can relax and enjoy celebrating with your loved ones.

Choosing a weekend wedding at Zion Springs means transforming your special day into a luxurious, extended celebration with unforgettable memories. Begin your journey by getting a tailored weekend wedding budget estimate today.


Is Zion Springs wedding venue your perfect match?

Navigating the intricacies of wedding planning can be daunting. Amidst venue selection, catering, decor, and guest communication details, a solution that simplifies the process into a seamless experience is paramount.

This article has shown you that Zion Springs is a comprehensive solution, transforming wedding planning into an enjoyable journey. With all-inclusive packages, delectable catering, captivating decor, effective and extensive guest communication, and top-notch photography and videography services, Zion Springs is more than a venue—it's the perfect setting for your celebration.

Now, imagine your dream wedding coming to life at Zion Springs. Dive into our various packages and explore customization options tailored to your unique celebration. To continue learning about creating your perfect wedding day and making informed choices, browse our blog and resources that provide expert tips and insights, and consider scheduling a visit to our enchanting estate. Your dream wedding awaits, and we're here to make it a reality.