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10 Romantic Getaway Wedding Venues in Northern Virginia

By Melanie Walker

Looking for a venue that combines elegance with a sense of retreat?

Are you dreaming of a wedding surrounded by breathtaking scenery?

At Zion Springs, we've helped over 400 couples find their perfect wedding venue. We're passionate about guiding you through the choices of stunning wedding spots in Northern Virginia, from cozy vineyards to grand estates by the Potomac. This article introduces you to some of the most romantic venues.

We'll take you through venues that blend elegance with natural beauty, perfect for any wedding style. Let us help you find that special place in Northern Virginia where your wedding day will be magical.


Discover Romantic Getaway Wedding Venues in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia has become a coveted wedding destination, famed for its rolling hills, historic estates, and captivating charm. Whether it's the verdant landscapes or the elegant manors, every couple can find their dream venue here. To help you search, we’ve gathered a list of enchantingly romantic wedding venues perfect for saying "I do" in this beautiful region.

Each venue we spotlight in this guide is picked for its charming appeal and the cozy, romantic vibe it can bring to your wedding. As you look through these options, consider how each place fits your vision for the day, the memories you hope to make, and the experience you want to give your guests. Discovering that perfect spot where everything feels right can make all the difference.

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Inn at Evergreen

Located within the Evergreen Country Club grounds in Haymarket, this historic mansion is conveniently close to Washington, D.C.

Why it's perfect: As part of the Evergreen Country Club, this venue combines historical grandeur with top-tier golfing amenities.

Our favorite features: The panoramic views of the golf course and the preserved Civil War-era architecture offer a timeless backdrop for your wedding photos.


Situated in Warrenton, this venue is a gateway to the charming Shenandoah Valley, providing an idyllic country setting that’s both picturesque and easy to reach.

Why you'll adore it: Airlie’s secluded garden settings and organic farm-to-table dining encapsulate the essence of a pastoral fairytale wedding.

What sets it apart: The property's commitment to environmental sustainability makes it an ideal choice for eco-conscious couples.

Elegant outdoor wedding setup at Stone Tower with panoramic views of Northern Virginia's landscape.
Image Stone Tower

Stone Tower Winery

Perched atop Hogback Mountain in Leesburg, this venue combines accessibility with seclusion. It offers breathtaking views of the picturesque countryside, all within a short drive from the capital.

Why it's perfect: Stone Tower Winery delivers stunning vistas across acres of vineyards, with sunsets that paint the perfect picture for evening celebrations.

Our favorite features: The on-site wine tastings and vineyard tours provide a delightful pre-wedding activity for guests, merging luxury with the charm of rural Virginia.

The Red Fox Inn & Tavern

In the heart of Middleburg, this colonial-era inn offers guests a taste of Virginia’s rich history, complemented by modern comforts and a prime location near local attractions.

Why it captivates us: This historic tavern immerses in colonial charm with its preserved 18th-century architecture and locally sourced cuisine.

What sets it apart: Its proximity to downtown Middleburg where guests can explore quaint shops and historic sites, extending the wedding into a full weekend getaway.

Wedding table settings at Sylvanside Farm's barn is popular for barn weddings in Northern Virginia.
Image Sylvanside Farm

Sylvanside Farm

This expansive property in Purcellville promises a private experience amid the natural splendor of Loudoun County’s wine region.

Why you'll adore it: Sylvanside Farm's rustic barns and tranquil ponds create a serene setting that feels both intimate and grand.

Our favorite features: The various livestock encounters on scenic walks are perfect for guests to connect with nature.

Great Marsh Estate

Positioned on over 121 private acres in Bealeton, the estate is an exclusive retreat with the charm of a stately Southern manor.

Why it's perfect: Set within a sprawling Georgian estate, Great Marsh offers privacy and exclusivity, enveloped by nature’s beauty.

Our favorite features: The estate's private chapel and extensive gardens allow for various wedding styles, from elegant to relaxed.

Historic architecture of Morais Vineyards, offering a unique backdrop for weddings in Northern Virginia.
Image Morais Vineyards

Morais Vineyards and Winery

Close to historic towns like Fredericksburg, Morais is a scenic escape amid vineyard beauty and cultural richness in Bealeton.

Why you'll adore it: Morais Vineyards blends the architectural beauty of a European palace with the pastoral charm of Northern Virginia. What sets it apart: The vineyards' Portuguese heritage enriches their wine and culinary offerings.

Riverside Weddings by Clore

This Fredericksburg venue enjoys a picturesque setting on the Rappahannock River, blending natural beauty with convenient access from nearby cities.

Why it captivates us: Stunning water views set the stage for memorable sunset ceremonies.

Our favorite features: Known for adaptable space options, the venue caters to intimate elopements and grand celebrations.

Bridal couple at 8 Chains Winery, where elegance is combined with natural beauty for their wedding in Loudoun County.
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8 Chains North Winery

Hidden in the heart of Northern Virginia's wine country in Waterford, this winery is ideal for intimate gatherings.

Why it's perfect: This boutique winery provides a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere focusing on intimacy and personalized details.

What sets it apart: Connoisseur-led wine tastings and picturesque patio receptions appeal to wine enthusiasts.

Murray Hill

On the banks of the Potomac in Leesburg, Murray Hill combines the serene river views with the convenience of being close to major Northern Virginia towns.

Why you'll adore it: The historical elegance combined with the natural riverside beauty makes for a picturesque setting.

Our favorite features: The property's extensive grounds include a private dock and wooded paths, perfect for guests to explore and enjoy moments of quiet reflection.

Bridal couple at Zion Springs's barn a premier wedding experience in Northern Virginia.

Finding Your Dream Wedding Venue in Northern Virginia

As you read through this guide, you were likely searching for a beautiful and memorable setting for your big day. We’ve highlighted some of the most romantic getaway wedding venues in Northern Virginia, from lush vineyards to historic estates.

At Zion Springs, we’re passionate about providing beautiful venues and valuable guidance. We believe in educating our couples to help them make informed decisions about their wedding.

For more insights on planning a budget-friendly event, explore our article on affordable wedding venues in the area. Additionally, if you're considering a faster timeline, don't miss our guidance on quick-turn weddings at Zion Springs. Both articles are designed to ensure you have comprehensive insights to plan your perfect day.