Newlyweds sharing a romantic moment by the creek at Zion Springs, a scenic wedding venue in Northern Virginia.

Stunning Small Wedding Venues in Northern VA

Looking for the perfect small wedding venue in Northern Virginia?

We know how important it is to find a place that feels just right for your intimate celebration. At Zion Springs, we've helped over 400 couples celebrate their special day and are here to help you too.

In this article, we're sharing our top picks for small wedding venues in the area. From cozy barns to elegant estates, we'll help you find a venue that makes your wedding memorable and personal.


Image Paradise Springs Winery

Vineyard Elegance for Intimate I Dos: Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton

The Red Barn & Patio at Paradise Springs offers an idyllic wedding setting, blending rustic charm with historic elegance. Its capacity to accommodate 20 to 120 guests makes it ideal for intimate and larger celebrations, set against the backdrop of a picturesque vineyard.

Drawing inspiration from a 19th-century barn, the venue has a distinctive atmosphere. Its versatile two-level layout, with the Stable Room and the expansive Hayloft, allows for versatile event planning.

Interior of the barn at Tranquility Farm, popular for rustic elegant weddings in Purcellville.

Image Tranquility Farm

Rustic Elegance for Intimate Weddings: Discover Tranquility Farm

Tranquility Farm in Purcellville stands out with its blend of historic allure and rustic sophistication, providing a peaceful setting for weddings. Capable of hosting up to 120 guests, the venue offers versatile indoor and outdoor spaces that adapt to both ceremony and reception needs, ensuring a seamless blend of elegance and comfort.

Adorning your event with antique farm tables or wildflower centerpieces at Tranquility Farm enhances the rustic charm. These elements complement the venue's natural beauty, crafting an event that is stylish and intimately connected with the surroundings.

Breathtaking view at Bogati Winery, ideal venue for luxurious small weddings in Round Hill, NOVA.

Image Bogati Winery

Bogati Winery: A Boutique Setting for Your Small Northern Virginia Wedding

Bogati Winery in Round Hill transforms its history as an apple-packing facility into a distinctive wedding venue, welcoming up to 75 guests. The winery merges rustic charm with elegance, creating an inviting atmosphere for a smaller, intimate celebration.

A sunset ceremony or reception under the stars on Bogati's picturesque deck takes advantage of the scenic views. This setting adds a magical element to the wedding, making the celebration memorable for everyone.

Historic architecture at Ashby Inn, welcoming guests to a premier wedding experience in Paris, Northern Virginia.

Image Ashby Inn

Gourmet Elegance for Small Weddings: The Ashby Inn Experience

Set in the historic village of Paris, The Ashby Inn & Restaurant is celebrated for its exceptional cuisine paired with charming surroundings. This venue is perfect for intimate wedding celebrations, catering to those who place as much importance on the culinary experience as on the festivities, promising a feast that delights all senses.

Couples get to customize their menu with the help of chosen vendors, ensuring the food reflects their tastes while complementing the inn's well-known gourmet offerings. 

The historic architecture of The Rectory, offers a unique backdrop for weddings in Old Town Alexandria.

Image The Rectory

Historic Romance at The Rectory on Princess Street: Your Small Wedding Venue

The Rectory on Princess St, located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, is a testament to historic elegance and charm. Dating back to 1785, this venue features formal English gardens, whitewashed brick, and an elegant courtyard. It offers a picturesque setting with waterfront views for weddings with up to 100 guests.

The Rectory ensures a wedding imbued with the grace of the past. Its timeless beauty and serene gardens provide an ideal backdrop for couples looking to exchange vows in a setting that echoes history and romance.

Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Small Wedding Venue

The right venue is more than just a beautiful location. It should fit your wedding theme, ensure guest comfort, and effortlessly handle logistics. As you explore small wedding venues in Northern Virginia, remember these important tips and stay alert to common mistakes to ensure your big day is perfect.

  • Venue Capacity and Layout: Ensure the venue comfortably accommodates your guest list without feeling cramped or overly spacious. Pitfall to Avoid: Overestimating the venue's capacity can lead to a tight, uncomfortable environment, diminishing the guest experience.
  • Accessibility and Location: Choose a venue that's easily accessible for local and out-of-town guests. Pitfall to Avoid: Selecting a venue with difficult access or too remote can result in lower attendance and logistical headaches for guests.
  • Venue Services and Amenities: To streamline your wedding preparations, look for venues that offer essential services like catering, décor, and wedding planning assistance. Pitfall to Avoid: Assuming all services are included without checking can lead to unexpected costs and last-minute scrambling for vendors.
  • Aesthetic and Ambiance: The venue should reflect your desired wedding theme and ambiance, from rustic charm to elegant sophistication. Pitfall to Avoid: Compromising on your vision due to convenience or cost can leave you with regrets about your venue choice.
  • Cost and Inclusions: Understand the full cost of the venue, including any minimum spend requirements or additional fees. Pitfall to Avoid: Overlooking hidden costs can blow your budget and cause stress as your wedding day approaches.
  • Weather and Seasonal Considerations: Outdoor venues should have a weather contingency plan. A pitfall to avoid is not having a backup plan for inclement weather, which can lead to a last-minute rush to relocate your ceremony or reception.

Keeping these points and pitfalls in mind will help you pick a venue that meets your expectations for your special day. Next, we'll discuss how expert advice and insights can make your wedding planning easier.

Wrapping Up: Your Journey to the Perfect Small Wedding Venue

Searching for the perfect small wedding venue in Northern Virginia might have felt overwhelming. With so many options, knowing where to start or what to look for isn't easy.

Through this article, you've discovered various venues that offer charm and intimacy, ideal for a small, memorable celebration. We've highlighted what makes each place special, from rustic farms to elegant estates, aiming to spark your imagination and help you picture your special day in these beautiful settings.

Moving forward, think about how you can personalize the venue you choose. Our next step is to visit our "Lights, Camera, Celebration" and “The Best Season to Get Married in Northern Virginia” guides on the Answers and Advice page. It's packed with tips to make your venue truly yours. This is just the beginning of bringing your dream wedding to life, and we're here to help every step of the way.