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What does the Zion Springs Tasting Menu Dinner Look Like?

Ever wondered how your wedding menu can become a reflection of your unique love story? 

At Zion Springs, our Tasting Menu Dinner is the first step in crafting that story. This article offers a glimpse into an evening where rustic elegance meets personalization, from a welcoming cocktail reception to a guided tasting journey led by our dedicated team. Discover how each course, from appetizers to desserts, is tailored to suit your preferences, culminating in a tour of our lodging accommodations. Embark on this culinary adventure with us and envision the bespoke experience that awaits at Zion Springs.

The Essence of the Tasting Menu Dinner for Your Wedding

Part of your wedding planning journey is choosing the food you serve, and the Tasting Menu Dinner at Zion Springs is a  preview of the culinary delights that await you and your guests. But what makes this experience so integral to your wedding plans?

Purpose and Significance

The tasting menu is more than just a meal; it's a collaborative canvas where your vision and our culinary expertise merge to craft the perfect wedding day menu. This is where you get to taste, critique, and customize, ensuring that every bite reflects your unique preferences and delights your guests.

Setting the Scene

Step into the warm, inviting ambiance of the barn at Zion Springs, where you'll find yourself enveloped in a rustically elegant and comforting atmosphere. Joining four to seven other couples, the setting is designed to make you feel like the honored guests you are. Candlelit tables, soft music, and the serene backdrop of our venue set the perfect stage for an evening of gastronomic exploration.

tasting menu table setting

You’ll have the opportunity to experience a variety of table layouts and design options firsthand. This immersive display allows you to visualize the array of styles and color schemes available for your wedding reception. From elegant, classic arrangements to more modern, whimsical designs, you can explore the possibilities and find the perfect match for your wedding aesthetic. This hands-on approach ensures that every detail of your table settings resonates with your personal style and the overall ambiance of your special 

We invite you to step into the next chapter, where the essence of your tasting experience comes to life.

Your Wedding Culinary Journey Begins

Your adventure into the world of flavors and aromas starts the moment you step through our doors. The Tasting Menu Dinner at Zion Springs is not just about sampling dishes; it's about experiencing the essence of what your wedding day could taste like.

Welcome Reception

As you're warmly greeted upon arrival by Jon Tigges, owner, and Laura Petrosino, Events Director, the stage is set for an evening of culinary discovery. You'll meet the architects of your dining experience, our Food and Beverage Director, our lead bartender, and the diverse members of our team dedicated to making your wedding exceptional. This reception is your first taste of Zion Springs hospitality, where every detail is crafted with you in mind.  When it is time to sit down at your table for dinner, you pick up your personalized seating number, which is your gift to keep, that guides you to your table.

tasting menu table number
“Very easily tailorable to our needs! Loved that we got to try items that we requested as well as ones we didn't think we’d be interested in. We ended up choosing something we never thought we would have liked!” 

The Tasting Menu Unveiled

From the delicate appetizers that set the tone, through the robust flavors of the main courses, to the sides that complement every bite and the desserts that sweeten the finale—each dish is a contender for your big day. This is your opportunity to dive into the selection process, understanding the craftsmanship behind each offering and how it aligns with your wedding vision.

As you relish each carefully curated course, remember that this journey is just the beginning. The insights gained and preferences noted tonight will pave the way for "Savoring the Flavors," where your feedback and our expertise combine to refine and perfect your wedding day menu.

Tasting menu service
“Dede is wonderful and was able to give us great ideas to both personalize and make sure our menu was cohesive & fit the season of our wedding!"

Guided Tasting Experience

At the heart of your tasting journey, DeDe Bray, our esteemed Food and Beverage Director, personally visits your table, transforming your tasting into an intimate consultation. This one-on-one time is dedicated to exploring how each dish can be tailored to your unique preferences and the overall theme of your wedding. Whether it's adjusting flavors, incorporating family favorites, or infusing cultural elements, every dish offers a canvas for personalization. 

In her commitment to crafting truly personalized menus, DeDe recently went above and beyond for a couple from Afghanistan, keen to infuse their heritage into their wedding day cuisine. To fully embrace and understand the intricacies of Afghan culinary traditions, DeDe arranged to meet the couple at an Afghan restaurant. This immersive experience allowed her to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the flavors, textures, and cultural significance behind their traditional dishes. This level of dedication and personal engagement is a testament to how Zion Springs values the importance of celebrating and honoring each couple's diverse backgrounds and stories.

Understanding the importance of inclusivity, DeDe also delves into how we can accommodate guests with dietary restrictions, ensuring that everyone at your wedding enjoys a meal that's satisfying, safe, and considerate of their needs. This thoughtful approach guarantees that your wedding menu is not only a reflection of your tastes but also a welcoming experience for all your guests.

Pairing with Perfection

As you explore the tasting menu, our lead barkeeper, Daniel Gilmore, visits your table to introduce you to a curated selection of beverages designed to elevate each dish. From classic wines to innovative cocktails, this is where the magic of pairing comes to life. You'll gain insights into the art of matching flavors and receive personalized advice on selecting the perfect beverages to complement your wedding feast. 

tasting menu dinner
“Be open minded, there are a ton of good options so you may end up changing your mind!”
C.S. Lewis

As the dinner concludes, we invite you to experience the magic of the end-of-night video, a highlight of our photography and videography package, showcasing unforgettable moments.

Finally, following the delightful journey through the tasting menu, couples are invited on an exclusive tour of the elegant suites within the manor house and rustic rooms in the barn. This guided exploration offers a glimpse into the accommodations where comfort meets style, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding experience at Zion Springs is nothing short of perfection. It's an opportunity to envision the serene retreat that awaits you and your guests, rounding off the evening with a touch of grace and anticipation for the magical moments to come. 

From Tasting to Toasting: Your Next Steps for Your Wedding with Zion Springs

As the evening's journey through exquisite flavors and personalized touches concludes, the essence of what makes a wedding at Zion Springs truly remarkable becomes clear. From the first sip of a welcome cocktail to the final taste of dessert, each moment is a step closer to realizing the wedding of your dreams. And as you wander through the suites of the manor house and barn, you're reminded that Zion Springs isn't just a venue; it's a sanctuary where every detail contributes to the magic of your special day.

For detailed insights into the lodging options available for your big day, we encourage you to read our comprehensive article on wedding lodging. Additionally, to explore the myriad of floral and design possibilities that can elevate the aesthetics of your wedding venue, make sure to check out our guide on floral and decor.