What can I expect on my tour with Zion Springs

You’ve been doing your homework, carefully considering your options, and now you are ready to take a tour with our wedding experience expert.  You might be wondering what you need to do prior to the tour and what to expect on the tour.

Zion Springs is in the business of crafting high-quality, all-inclusive weddings, so we feel confident we can help guide you toward your perfect wedding. But after reading this article, we want you to have enough information to help take your planning to the next step. While we'd love to see you celebrate your wedding at Zion Springs one day, we'll be even more excited to help you get the specific answers you need to make a well-informed decision. 

In this article, we look at what you need to complete before the tour and each step of the process on the tour.

What to complete prior to your wedding tour

You want to be ready for this tour, and with just a little homework on your side, you are prepared to ask more pertinent questions as they relate to your requirements for your wedding.  With an all-inclusive venue, many of your questions are answered in one visit, as opposed to checking in with various vendors.  So what does that look like?

Watching our introduction video, you learn who we are and what we do.  This gives you an excellent overview of our property and what your wedding could look like.  But it is our Answers video that really gets to the nitty gritty.  It is so named because it will answer the commonly asked questions that most couples have on their list.   Some include some basic questions you have when visiting a venue, but we tell you exactly what we do, how we do it, and what it looks like.   

By watching the Answers video before your tour, you’re able to focus on questions and details specific to your wedding at Zion Springs, and you’ll be able to focus on experiencing the property because we’ve gotten a lot of the questions answered before we walk you around. 

What should I bring on my tour?

Bring your checklist of specific questions that slot into that last 20% of questions covered in our Answers video. These are going to focus on how our packages work for your needs, as well as determining what are your specific needs. 

And, of course, you will want to bring your payment details (ACH bank transfer), as we are confident that once you have completed your tour, you will want to reserve your date as dates go fast on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Who should I bring with me on my tour?

You and your partner should include those who are helping with or care about your decision. This goes for parents or family members who may be contributing financially to your wedding. Consider bringing a family member or member of your wedding party, especially as they can take notes and pick up on details you might inadvertently miss.  However, we recommend you keep the number limited so you don’t get distracted.

Wear comfortable shoes as we take you around the property, which includes our manor house, events barn, and beautifully landscaped lawns and fields.  

What wedding details are covered on the tour?

As you join our wedding experience expert in our The Command Post, you will begin by exploring what you want to remember for your wedding day, the overall vibe and theme, and what memories you want your guests to share.  We will discuss what to expect for the rehearsal dinner, your ceremony, catering, accommodation, including the bridal suite, and everything else we offer in our wedding packages. We will walk you through the day or weekend of your wedding at Zion Springs while explaining what is included in your package, whether it’s an elopement, a minimony, a one-day, or a three-day wedding.

What does the schedule of my tour look like?

We start with the Ceremony Terrace, where you can envision the archway bursting with plump flowers as you walk down the aisle.  Imagine your guests gathering in the Green Room for cocktails or enjoying hors d’oeuvres by the Cucina.  We show you the behind-the-scenes commercial kitchen where our CIA-trained chef and her culinary team create your best food ever.  Then, in the design center,  you get a sneak peek of our multitude of serving dishes, place settings, flatware, stemware,  table decorations, and room decor.

Take a walk through our Barn suites, specially designed for the groomsmen to relax or guests to chill out.  We then move up to the Manor House, where we have more accommodations for your guests and our elegant and romantic bridal suite.  You and your bridesmaids will be ready to party when you see our Kennedy suite.  

The Manor House has a cozy living room with a fireplace and a sunroom which is great for mother and bride photos. .  The dining room is perfect for everybody to gather around the table for breakfast, lunch or brunch, served from the house kitchen.  

From there, we head back to the Barn, where you can take in the rustic beauty of a wood reception hall.  Check out the lighting and sound systems, and ring that bell! We’ll practice going down the “Cinderella” stairs with the bride so she and her groom can see how that special entrance to their ceremony is tear-jerking!

Take in the gorgeous landscaped lawn views that provide the backdrop to your vows and the perfect scene for portraits.   Finally, we head to the Upper Deck, where you and your guests can keep the party going after your reception ends with our late-night menu and continued open bar. 

Making your decision 

By now, you will clearly understand what your wedding will look like, and you are probably making plans in your head of what you want.  So what’s next?   If Zion Springs feels like it's the venue for you and you want to lock in your wedding date, you'll be able to make a deposit to lock it in on your tour.  We will work with you on your budget estimate and help you design the wedding of your dreams.  

To reserve your wedding date, you will need to place a security deposit.  If you are not ready to sign, we will send you a budget estimate quote, and once you have decided, you can check in to see if your date is still available or else choose another date and place your security deposit. 

You will receive a contract with your date, and our Event Director will contact you to schedule your kick-off call to begin the exciting journey of planning your wedding. 

Are you ready for your wedding tour?

You are about to embark on such an exciting journey with your partner.  This is one of the most joyous occasions of your life, and we are so excited and honored to be part of it.  Watching the videos before booking your tour will answer most of your questions, leaving you to take in the sights and sounds on your Zion Springs tour and visualize your wedding with us.  

Are you ready to take the next step with an all-inclusive wedding venue?  Contact our wedding experience expert and schedule your tour.