6 Best Virginia Wedding Venues with Lodging

Are you dreaming of a Virginia wedding venue that offers charm and convenience? 

Wondering how lodging can transform your celebration into an unforgettable experience? 

At Zion Springs, we've had the privilege of participating in over 400 weddings, and our passion lies in sharing knowledge that assists couples in making informed decisions about their special day.

This article explores the enchanting world of Virginia wedding venues that boast on-site lodging, providing a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect setting for your celebration. From picturesque vineyards to historic estates, we'll introduce you to six of the most sought-after locations in the state. We’ll guide you through selecting a venue that captivates your heart and offers you and your guests the utmost convenience.

Why Choose The Estate at River Run for Your Elegant Outdoor Wedding?

Step into the luxurious world of The Estate at River Run, in Maidens, Virginia, where your wedding day unfolds against stunning landscapes. Celebrate in style, then unwind in the estate's elegant rooms and suites, where every detail caters to a tranquil and lavish experience.

Enjoy a serene sunset by the river, or treat yourselves to a day of pampering in a luxurious spa. Both are perfect ways to unwind and share special moments in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

Where History Meets Modern Luxury: The Mill at Fine Creek’s Unique Offering

Discover the charm of The Mill at Fine Creek, where history and modernity blend seamlessly. Say your vows surrounded by natural beauty and history. The guest cottages offer a cozy retreat, combining privacy with contemporary comfort.

Stroll through ruins and vibrant gardens, or enjoy a relaxed wine tasting at a local vineyard. You can visit Skippers Creek Vineyard, a family-owned spot with beautiful views, or Bodie Vineyards, another cozy option highly rated for its intimate wine tastings.

Elegant indoor wedding setup at The Mill at Fine Creek with reception venue ready for guests.

Image Mill at Fine Creek

Looking for an Intimate Wedding in Virginia’s Wine Country? What Can You Expect at The Inn at Willow Grove

Set in the vibrant heart of Virginia's wine country, The Inn at Willow Grove is a blend of historical elegance and modern luxury. It's the perfect venue for intimate weddings, where personalized service and Southern hospitality create a warm and unforgettable atmosphere, all with stunning views as your backdrop.

After your hot air balloon ride over Orange County's wine country, consider visiting Chateau MerrillAnne for a cozy wine-tasting experience. Alternatively, Barboursville Vineyards, a historic setting with top-quality wines, is known for its award-winning Bordeaux-style blend.

Blue Ridge Bliss: Gourmet and Adventure at The Boar’s Head Resort

At The Boar's Head Resort, scenic beauty and upscale comfort create the ultimate wedding experience. Enjoy a variety of gourmet dining options and outdoor activities, all set against the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. It's an idyllic escape that promises relaxation and adventure in equal measure.

Catch the sunset on a paddleboard for an unforgettable, romantic adventure, or immerse yourselves in the beauty of nature with a peaceful walk along picturesque trails. Great for couples looking to connect in a picturesque environment.


Image Rosemont Manor

Majestic Settings for Grand Celebrations: The Omni Homestead Resort’s Elegant Offerings

Experience the majestic setting of The Omni Homestead Resort, where historic charm and contemporary luxury intertwine. With sprawling grounds and elegant accommodations, ideal for large weddings, your wedding will be an affair to remember.

Unwind with a thermal spring soak under the stars or share a round of golf on a stunning course. Whether you're seeking relaxation or gentle activity, these options provide a memorable backdrop for romance.

Georgian Elegance in Virginia’s Wine Country: The Serene Charm of Rosemont Manor

Rosemont Manor is the epitome of Georgian elegance, set against the lush backdrop of Northern Virginia's wine country. The private cottages and suites are your sanctuaries, blending historical grace with contemporary comfort. 

Indulge in an elegant afternoon tea in charming gardens, or end the day with stargazing from the privacy of your balcony. It's the ultimate setting for those who dream of a serene and regal wedding.

Top Virginia Wedding Venues with Lodging: A Curated Selection

Couples can explore a wide selection of wedding venues with lodging in Virginia that combine striking settings with the practicality of guest accommodations. Your celebration will be visually stunning while simplifying the stay for you and your guests. From elegant estates with a rich history to intimate vineyards offering a more personal feel. This variety caters to a wide range of preferences, making it easier for couples to find an appealing spot and simplifying logistics for their big day.

What are the top three qualities you're looking for in a wedding venue? 

  • Is the venue's natural beauty or architectural elegance a priority for you?
  • Are you looking for venues that provide comfortable and convenient lodging options for you and your guests?
  • Do you value a high level of service and access to premium amenities?
  • How important is the venue's accessibility for your guests, especially if many travel from afar?
  • Is the venue size appropriate for the number of guests you're expecting?
  • Does the venue offer a good value for your

Having looked at Virginia's finest venues, consider which one is the perfect match for your dream wedding. The variety is impressive, from the timeless elegance of historic estates to the cozy charm of vineyard retreats. Now, it's time to pinpoint the venue that best suits your celebration.


Next Steps After Selecting Your Ideal Virginia Wedding Venue with Lodging

Finding the right Virginia wedding venue with lodging might have presented a challenge, filled with considerations of various styles, sizes, and accommodations. Searching for a venue that matches your vision and comfortably accommodates your guests is a significant step in wedding planning.

This article has introduced you to Virginia's wedding venues, highlighting their accommodations and settings—from luxurious estates to cozy vineyard retreats. You've gained insights into the importance of size, style, and lodging amenities for your wedding theme and guest experience. The information provided aims to assist you in making an informed decision about where you will celebrate.

As you move forward, consider Zion Springs, an all-inclusive venue known for its beautiful settings and comprehensive guest lodging. This is your moment to transition from dreaming to planning the day of your dreams. Explore how Zion Springs can elevate your wedding day by exploring our full range of services. For further inspiration and guidance, our Answers and Advice page awaits with resources on everything from selecting a memorable playlist to penning unforgettable speeches to support you throughout your planning.