What Does a Wedding Cost?

By: Jon Tigges

What can I expect my wedding to cost, and oh wait, why is it so expensive?  Is there a way I can get my dream wedding without reeling from sticker shock? 

Learn how to manage your wedding budget and take control of your costs by exploring how your guest list, your location, and those pesky hidden fees can bump up the final total. 

Join us as we dive into what causes your wedding costs to soar and how to keep that spending in line while still having the wedding of your dreams. 

Video Chapters
  • 0:38 Number of Guests
  • 1:18 Types and Levels of Services
  • 2:20 Where they are getting Married
  • 3:32 What Couples Miss on Pricing
  • 5:10 Our Pricing Approach
  • 6:15 Most Important Cost