Courtney and Eric’s Winter Elopement Wedding

By Terry Meadows

Eric and Courtney's path to the altar began with an initial spark on social media, leading to an unforgettable first date at Red Robin. There, they discovered an undeniable connection, feeling at ease and genuinely themselves in each other's presence. They quickly became inseparable, with each subsequent date deepening their bond.

Their decision to marry felt natural, as if it was always meant to be. Standing at the altar, their journey from a casual online encounter to this moment of commitment was a celebration of their deep love and the exciting future they were eager to share.


David’s Bridal


Charles Tyrwhitt

ImageImage ImageImage

First Dance

"Beautiful Crazy"


Red Velvet with French Vanilla Buttercream


What advice would you give to other wedding couples?

"Do not hesitate and choose Zion Springs to make your dream day a reality. They provided detailed options and resources to help us capture the perfect day from day one of planning and the staff did a fantastic job keeping us in the loop and made sure we were attended to throughout the entire day.

Be excited and ready to experience something truly special."

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