6-Months Wedding Planning Timeline

You keep hearing that you need a year to plan your wedding, but what if you don’t have that long? What if your wedding is in six months? Are strapped for time and stressed because you don’t know where to start. What if you don't have twelve months, can you still have your dream wedding and the perfect setting?  Our answer is yes! And we are here to help you navigate through the next half year to create something magical.

We are proud to be the only truly all-inclusive wedding venue in Virginia, and we have helped many couples plan their wedding in six months, and all stress-free.  In this article, we guide you with our downloadable checklist on what you must accomplish each month and weeks before your wedding.

First, find the right venue

Most weddings take twelve months to arrange because venues book up quickly and are invariably reserved a year in advance.  You might need to seek alternative venues if your first choice is unavailable, which might be a good thing, too.  There is now a whole new pool of options you might have yet to realize are perfect for your wedding. 

Decide where you want to get married and what vibe do you want for your wedding.  Are you looking for a rustic barn, an elegant ballroom, a natural setting, or just a simple celebration at a restaurant? 

You might also consider an all-inclusive wedding venue if you are looking to reduce your stress, and bear in mind that there are varying degrees of “all-inclusive.” Some venues include catering, tables, chairs, flatware, glassware, dinnerware,  and linens.  A truly all-inclusive wedding venue does everything from invitations to catering to photography and everything in between.  

Your next question should be, do I use a wedding planner or do it all myself?

Wedding planner vs. DIY

You might decide that having a wedding planner is a necessity due to your shortened time span.  Wedding planners can alleviate the stress of planning a wedding, and their knowledge of the industry, vendors, and venues can shortcut much of the research you need to do.  If you are having a wedding of more than 25 people, it is probably a good idea to have a wedding planner or, at the very least, a day-of wedding coordinator.  

If you plan on a smaller wedding with a more minimalist tone, then DIY might be more in line with your needs.  You won’t have as much time to focus on DIY crafts, but then maybe invite your family and friends to help out.  You can also pick and choose what traditions and details you have for your special day.

Month-by-month wedding checklist

This checklist starts at the six-month mark and takes you through each month to the last four weeks and the last days before your wedding.  It lets you know when to book your officiant when to order your flowers, when to do your menu tastings, and everything else you need to plan your wedding.

Using a 6-month wedding checklist

You might have felt that planning a wedding in six months is impossible, and we can assure you that with careful planning and organization, you will have a gorgeous wedding worthy of your dreams. Using our checklist, you will cover all the bases and details in the run-up to your wedding day. 

You might be wondering how much you need to budget for your wedding, and our article on What is our wedding going to cost? gives you a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need for your wedding, or you might need help finding the perfect wedding venue. We have a large library of articles to help you plan your journey on our Answers and Advice page to help you every step of the way.