The Answers Video

Video Chapters
  • 00:44 How did Zion Springs Begin? (Answer by Jon Tigges)
  • 01:28 What does it mean to be all-inclusive? (Answer by Debbie Gee)
  • 02:47 What are the different packages? (Answer by Debbie Gee)
  • 04:56 How does Florals & Design work at Zion Springs? (Answer by Laura Petrosino)
  • 05:53 How does the Food & Beverages work? (Answer by Chef DeDe)
  • 06:45 Is it better to serve dinner plated or buffet style? (Answer by Chef DeDe)
  • 06:59 What about dietary restrictions or food allergies? (Answer by Chef DeDe)
  • 07:12 Can you make food items not found on your menu(Answer by Chef DeDe)
  • 07:27 What does the Digital Studio do? (Answer by Doug Johnson)
  • 08:39 How does Lodging work during a wedding weekend? (Answer by Chris Tigges)
  • 09:18 How much does a wedding cost? (Answer by Jon Tigges)