Exquisite wedding place setting and floral arrangements at Zion Springs's barn wedding venue in Northern Virginia.

Elegant Table Decorations for Your Northern Virginia Wedding

Have you started thinking about how table decorations can transform your wedding reception in Northern Virginia?

At Zion Springs, we've been hosting weddings for over 15 years and are dedicated to helping couples plan their special day.

This article offers tips on choosing flowers and accessories and practical advice for arranging them. You'll find ideas for elegant designs, from foliage garlands to candelabras, and tips for creating striking table centerpieces. Whether collaborating with a florist or tackling the decorations yourself, this guide provides valuable insights to help you achieve stunning results.


Choosing the Right Floral Arrangements for Round vs. Long Tables

We adore a beautifully dressed long table, where its shape highlights the central decorations. Repeated elements, varying heights, and a blend of candles and flowers can create a stunning visual effect. Long tables also bring a lively buzz to the room, reminiscent of jovial medieval banquets and lively family get-togethers.

Meanwhile, round tables foster a warm, interactive atmosphere, making conversation easy among guests. Both table styles offer distinct benefits and contribute to the mood and functionality of the event. Regardless of your choice, carefully considering the floral arrangements is essential, as different styles complement the shapes of round and long tables.

Wedding Table Centerpieces Ideas 

When planning a wedding in Northern Virginia, incorporating local plants and seasonal elements into your reception table arrangements enhances the celebration.

Seasonally adapt your decorations to showcase the area's charm: 

  • cherry blossoms for spring
  • sunflowers for summer
  • colorful pumpkins and leaves for autumn
  • festive holly or evergreen accents for winter


Foliage Garlands as Table Runners

For a timeless and elegant table decoration, create a long garland using eucalyptus for its beautiful texture and scent, and lay it down the length of the table. Add small flowers or string lights for extra appeal. This natural centerpiece is perfect for outdoor or rustic weddings, blending well with the environment.

NOVA Tip: A wedding in Northern Virginia wouldn’t be complete without embracing the local wine culture—consider replacing eucalyptus with grapevine branches and using wine bottles as vases to add a distinctly local touch to your celebration.

Elegant wedding table decor with flowers and lanterns at Zion Springs barn venue.

Mason Jars and Bud Vases

Mason jars and bud vases filled with simple flowers like daisies, sunflowers, and lavender add a quaint, rustic touch to any table setting. On long tables, they can be spaced out for a dispersed look or clustered in the center for round tables.

NOVA Tip: For a simple, natural look, use Black-eyed Susans, native to Northern Virginia and bloom from early summer to fall, along with phlox flowers and ferns. This mix adds a casual charm to your table.


Mini Gardens as Centerpieces

Use herbs or succulents in terracotta pots arranged at various heights to simulate a natural garden on your tables for a fresh, alternative look. 

NOVA Tip: To connect with the local vibe of a Northern Virginia wedding, include native plants like Oxeye Daisies, which thrive locally in late spring and summer, and Wild Stonecrop, a local succulent. You can find these at nearby nurseries and re-pot them for your setup. Virginia Bluebells can also add a beautiful touch with their springtime blue blooms.

Reception table arrangements at Zion Springs, capturing the elegant ambiance of Northern Virginia's premier wedding location.

High Arrangements & Elevated Urns

Tall floral arrangements in long vases, large urns, or candelabras, filled with flowers like hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, tulips, and roses, create a sophisticated feel, perfect for evening receptions. They work well on larger tables and in rooms with high ceilings, drawing attention upward and adding vertical dimension. 

Pair these with smaller arrangements to make the most of the table space and keep a formal appearance. Adding long-stemmed flowers such as proteas, gladioli, or delphiniums boosts the drama but lets guests easily see and talk across the table.


Large Central Arrangements

Large, voluminous wedding table centerpieces are ideal for round tables, creating dramatic visual focal points that can be seen from every angle. These arrangements can mirror the wedding's theme and style, using lush flowers like peonies, lilies, and gardenias for a striking effect. 

Placing a floral or foliage wreath around a lantern is cost-effective and romantic. Decorated with strings of lights or LED candles and soft flowers such as lisianthus, sweet peas, and gypsophila, this combination lights the table with a gentle glow.

NOVA Tip: To add a personal touch to your Northern Virginia wedding, consider using local plants such as the state flower, the dogwood, which blooms in spring with dainty, stunning white flowers.

With these nature-inspired table settings, you can plant the seeds for stunning wedding day floral decor. As we leave the local landscape behind, let’s dig into the latest trends in wedding table decorations to keep your celebration fresh.

Table decor ideas at Zion Springs, featuring Northern Virginia's seasonal flowers.

Top Trends in Wedding Table Decorations

Here's a snapshot of the latest trends in wedding table decor ideas:

Modern Minimalist Designs

  • Style: Sleek, modern look emphasizing clean lines and understated elegance.
  • Decor Elements: "Less is more," focusing on functional yet stylish elements. Combine greenery, glass vases and candle holders. 
  • Centerpieces: Geometric shapes, simple color palettes, sparse floral arrangements.

Vintage Elegance: A Timeless Trend

  • Style: Nostalgic and sophisticated, capturing the charm of yesteryears.
  • Decor Elements: Lace table runners, antique vases, velvet ribbons, classic candlesticks.
  • Centerpieces: Soft arrangements featuring roses, orchids, or lilies.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Decor Ideas

Interactive Table Features for Guest Engagement

  • Objective: Engage guests and enhance their experience.
  • Engagement Tools: Custom place cards with fun facts, interactive menu cards with QR codes, table games.
  • Purpose: To encourage conversations and create memorable interactions, especially useful for filling downtime, such as before the bridal couple arrives at the reception.

With these trendy ideas for wedding table decorations, you can easily pick what suits your style. Don’t forget, if your venue doesn’t provide certain decor items, popping into a craft store like Michaels or At Home can be a great way to find what you need in bulk. 


Bringing Your Wedding Vision to Life

You started searching for the perfect wedding table decorations, perhaps unsure how to choose the right floral centerpieces for your reception.

In this article, we explored centerpiece ideas for long and round tables, highlighted current trends in wedding table decor, and offered tips on choosing the right flowers and accessories, whether DIY-ing or working with a professional florist.

Ready to use these ideas? Visit our website to learn about setting up your wedding gift registry, planning a wedding rehearsal, and more. At Zion Springs, wedding table decor is part of our all-inclusive service, featuring tailored floral design consultations. We're here to help you shape your wedding to reflect your style. Start exploring today and take the next step toward your dream wedding with Zion Springs.

All photos in this article are courtesy of Zion Springs' in-house photographer.