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10 Best Wedding Venues in Northern Virginia

Dreaming of the perfect sunset backdrop for your vineyard wedding in Northern Virginia?

Or saying 'I do' in a majestic ballroom or a stylish art gallery?

No matter your dream, the perfect venue is waiting in Northern Virginia. With over 15 years of guiding couples at Zion Springs, we know the ins and outs of finding that ideal spot, from quaint historic estates to modern marvels. Let's embark on this journey together. Our insights into the must-haves of a wedding venue sets us apart.

Here's the scoop on Northern Virginia's top venues, each chosen for its ability to bring wedding dreams to reality. Whether you're drawn to rustic elegance or contemporary sophistication, you'll find inspiration and actionable advice here to make your venue selection a delightful experience.

We've picked stunning venues near Dulles Airport, perfect for your out-of-town guests.

When deciding, it's all about matching the venue to your wedding's vibe, be it classic, contemporary, or out-there. From elegant estates and creative galleries to charming barns, we've got the perfect fit for your style.


Image: Oatlands

Oatlands Historic House: Elegance in Northern Virginia’s 19th Century Venue

Step into the storied elegance of Oatlands Historic House and Gardens, a crown jewel among Northern Virginia wedding venues. This national historic landmark boasts a grand 19th-century mansion set amidst expansive, verdant gardens in Loudoun County. 

Ideal for those who cherish historical sophistication, Oatlands offers an unmatched setting with its antique greenhouse and meticulously landscaped tiers, creating the ultimate romantic backdrop for your special day. Inquire about the different garden areas and how each can be utilized for your ceremony or reception, giving you a flexible range of options.


Image: Morven Park

Morven Park, Leesburg: Manor House Romance & Acres of Splendor in Loudoun County

Choosing Morven Park in Leesburg, Northern Virginia, as your wedding venue allows you to harness the grandeur and romance of a bygone era, which is perfect for those envisioning a fairy-tale wedding. The expansive grounds offer a variety of picturesque settings, from the lush formal gardens ideal for outdoor ceremonies to the opulent Davis Mansion for an elegant indoor reception. This versatility means Morven Park can accommodate weddings of all sizes and styles, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. 

The estate's rich history and architectural beauty provide a captivating backdrop for wedding photography, ensuring your special moments are framed in timeless elegance. The extensive space also allows guests to explore and enjoy the serene landscapes, making your wedding a memorable experience.

Historic architecture of Airlie, offering a serene backdrop for weddings in Northern Virginia.

Image: Airlie Hotel

Airlie, Warrenton: Eco-Friendly Elegance at a Historic Hotel Venue in Northern VA

Airlie Hotel's commitment to environmental conservation appeals to eco-conscious couples. The butterfly garden and other conservation efforts provide a talking point for guests and contribute to the overall ethos of your wedding. The natural beauty of the woodlands and gardens reduces the need for additional decorations, aligning with a more sustainable and minimalist wedding aesthetic. 

Airlie's various eco-friendly initiatives, such as farm-to-table dining options, can further enhance the theme of your wedding. The venue's tranquil setting also ensures a private, intimate atmosphere, allowing you and your guests to connect with nature and celebrate your love in harmony with the environment.

Elegant outdoor wedding setup at Stone Tower with panoramic views of Northern Virginia's landscape.

Image: Stone Tower

The Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria: A Unique Artistic Wedding Venue in Northern Virginia

The Torpedo Factory Art Center provides an artistic and industrial-chic atmosphere for couples looking for something different.  During your tour, ask how the art exhibitions can be incorporated into your wedding, potentially offering your guests an immersive artistic experience. 

The art center's spacious, adaptable layout allows for creative use of space, from the ceremony to the reception, providing endless possibilities to customize your wedding.

Stone Tower Winery, Leesburg: Experience Rustic Grace and Vineyard Sophistication in VA

Opting for Stone Tower Winery as your wedding venue goes beyond its picturesque vineyard views. The venue's diverse spaces, from the intimate Tower View to the spacious Harvest Barn, offer scalable options for weddings of various sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your guest list. The winery setting promises stunning photo opportunities and integrates the experience of Virginia's wine culture into your celebration. 

When you visit, inquire about wine-tasting opportunities for your guests as part of the wedding experience. The tranquility of the vineyard setting ensures a private and intimate atmosphere, allowing for a more personal and memorable wedding experience.


Image: Winery at Bull Run

The Winery at Bull Run: Historical Charm in Northern Virginia’s Vineyards

The Winery at Bull Run blends history with natural beauty, making it ideal for couples who value both. Its proximity to Manassas National Battlefield Park allows guests to experience American history, adding depth and significance to your wedding day. 

The vineyard setting provides stunning backdrops for photos and introduces an element of Virginia's rich wine culture into your celebration. This venue is perfect for those who envision a wedding that honors the past while enjoying the present beauty of Virginia's landscapes.

Great Marsh Estate, Bealeton: Discover Georgian Splendor and Natural Beauty in Northern Virigina’s Fauquier County

Great Marsh Estate captures the imagination with its grand architecture and sweeping natural landscapes. The Georgian manor and its elegant ballroom offer a sophisticated setting for a classic wedding, while the historic chapel adds a touch of intimacy and tradition. 

The extensive grounds of the estate offer various options for outdoor ceremonies, allowing you to shape your wedding to align with the season and your vision. At Great Marsh Estate, historical elegance combines the freedom to design a romantic, fairy-tale wedding experience.

The Middleburg Barn: Luxe Rustic Weddings in Northern Virginia

The Middleburg Barn is the epitome of rustic chic, combining the warmth of traditional barn elements with luxurious modern touches. Its location amidst Virginia's vineyard country adds to the appeal, offering a pastoral setting that's both serene and picturesque. 

The barn's spacious interior and high-quality finishes promise a stylish and comfortable celebration, making it ideal for couples seeking a blend of rustic charm and upscale elegance. This venue is perfect for an elegant countryside wedding without compromising on style.

9. The River View at Occoquan: Waterfront Serenity for Weddings in Fairfax County, Northern VA

The River View at Occoquan is a tranquil, modern waterfront venue, a gem within the bustling Northern VA area. Its location in Occoquan Regional Park ensures privacy and a deep connection to nature, and the stunning river views set a serene and romantic tone.

The venue's modern reception area beautifully complements the outdoor ceremony sites, featuring large windows that bathe the space in natural light. This seamless blend of indoor comfort and outdoor beauty is ideal for couples seeking a peaceful, nature-inspired wedding experience enhanced by the convenience of contemporary amenities.


Image: Mount Vernon

George Washington’s Mount Vernon: Iconic Historical Weddings by the Potomac in Fairfax County, NOVA

Choosing George Washington's Mount Vernon for your wedding venue means celebrating in a place rich with history. The estate provides a range of settings, from grand views of the Potomac River to the intimacy of colonial gardens.

The option for private mansion tours adds an educational and memorable element for guests, making your wedding a celebration and an experience. This venue is perfect for couples who love history and want to make it part of their special day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Venues in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia offers a variety of venues, including rustic barns, elegant vineyards, historic mansions, and modern art galleries, catering to different preferences and styles for your big day.

Why Are Northern Virginia’s Venues Perfect for Your Dream Wedding?

In wrapping up our journey through the enchanting wedding venues of Northern Virginia, we've explored settings that cater to every style—from the historic grandeur of Oatlands and Morven Park to the natural allure of Airlie and the vineyard elegance at Stone Tower Winery. Each venue offers a perfect backdrop for your special day, promising memories that will last a lifetime.

Zion Springs blends rustic elegance with a welcoming atmosphere. Our comprehensive, all-inclusive packages, where every detail of your wedding — from décor to dining — is expertly handled, promises a day that is as stress-free as it is stunning.

For those considering the idyllic setting of Zion Springs in Hamilton, Virginia, we invite you to take a tour and experience the magic firsthand. And while you're here, don't miss the chance to explore the charming local attractions that make this region special. With Zion Springs, you're not just choosing a venue; you're setting the stage for a day that's as memorable as your love story.