Happy Couple with Bouquet - Celebrating Love at a Simple Wedding

The art of simple weddings: your perfect day

Do 'intimate' and 'personal' mean more to you than 'grandiose' for your wedding day?

Are you searching for ways to make your wedding memorable for its warmth and simplicity rather than size?

Many newly engaged couples decide that the thrill of a grand celebration isn't their first choice. Instead, they're drawn to the charm of a straightforward, more authentic, and true to their love story. At Zion Springs, we understand this shift. With over 15 years of crafting intimate, personalized weddings, we believe in the beauty and power of simplicity. Our approach is rooted in understanding and responding to the evolving trend.

This guide is designed to help you plan your wedding easily and confidently, whether you choose Zion Springs or somewhere else for your venue. Focusing on the questions to ask when aiming for an effortlessly elegant wedding, it offers professional insights and actionable advice. From setting a realistic budget to selecting a venue, we're dedicated to helping you plan a wedding that’s perfect for you, filled with joy, love, and personal meaning.

Simple yet stunning: your dream wedding

Planning your wedding is about making choices that reflect your values and shared experiences. In this spirit, simplicity can be your guiding principle, focusing on what's truly important to you. Let's explore this:

What does simplicity in a wedding mean for you?

This understanding will be the guiding star of your wedding planning journey. It isn't a one-size-fits-all concept; it reflects what feels most authentic to you as a couple. Start by asking yourselves: What elements do you find most meaningful? Is it an intimate gathering, a focus on nature, or a minimalist aesthetic? 

  • Vision board magic: shaping your wedding day dreams: Start by creating a board or list that's a vibrant collage of your dream day. Mix in photos, snippets, and Pinterest ideas that capture your imagination. Focus on what makes both of you happiest, be it the menu, decor, music, or photography style. This creative process is fun, a roadmap to aligning your planning with your ideal of simplicity.

What should your budget look like for a simple wedding?

When budgeting for your wedding, think smart, not sparse. A streamlined budget doesn’t mean cutting corners on what matters most. Allocate more to aspects that amplify your experience – be it a fantastic photographer, a stunning venue, or a culinary feast. Look for areas where you can simplify without sacrifice – maybe a smaller guest list or handmade invitations. 

A well-thought-out vision and budget are essential for an understated wedding. It should focus on what's meaningful, not just less, but more on what you love.


What's your ideal wedding venue? Discovering the perfect match

Happening upon the perfect venue is like finding a home for your wedding day. Ask yourselves: Does it reflect your style? Is it accommodating to your guest count? Consider the setting - whether you’re looking for the elegant, rural charm of a countryside wedding venue like Zion Springs or another unique location, each has its character.

Modern minimalism: Contemporary art galleries or spaces suit those seeking a sleek, modern look.

Think about the logistics – ease of access, amenities, and atmosphere. Consider how each venue fits your vision, it must be more than just a place but a setting that enhances your wedding story.

Can a smaller guest list enhance your wedding day?

Creating an intimate guest list is about finding the sweet spot between your closest connections and practical considerations. Start by listing those who are essential to your journey. Select your guest list to include those who hold special places in your life:

  • Closest connections: Prioritize family and best friends central to your journey.
  • Recent interactions: Include guests you've stayed in touch with over the past year.
  • Children's inclusion: Decide their role based on the desired lively or serene atmosphere.

Can simple wedding decor make your big day more special?

The decor need not be elaborate; simplicity and elegance can create a magical atmosphere when decorating your ceremony and reception venues. Utilizing the venue's natural charm and beauty or seasonal decorations can enhance your decor effortlessly. For example, if the venue has beautiful Christmas decorations, it might mean you don’t need to add much of your own.

  • Lighting: Soft, ambient lighting like string or candles can create a romantic and cozy feel.
  • Floral touches: Opt for modest yet elegant floral arrangements, such as single-stem flowers in slender vases or small, hand-tied bouquets.
  • Table settings: Keep it sleek with plain tableware and accented with natural elements like pine cones or seashells.
  • Color palette: Choose a subtle and harmonious color scheme that complements the venue and season.
  • Personalized details: Add a personal touch with DIY elements like hand-written place cards or family photos displayed in vintage frames.

What are the essentials of simple wedding catering?

Catering for your wedding means creating a menu that's delicious yet straightforward. Start by thinking about dishes that have special meaning to you as a couple or favorites from family traditions. Here's how to make it memorable:

  • Local flavors: Use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to add a unique touch.
  • Serving style: Consider family-style or buffet settings to encourage a communal, cozy atmosphere.
  • Signature dish: Include a dish that tells a story, perhaps a recipe passed down through generations or a meal from your first date.

For something different, think about fun options like food trucks, offering a laid-back vibe to your day. Another great idea is interactive food stations, where guests can personalize their dishes. Instead of a grand wedding cake, why not choose a selection of your favorite desserts? These choices keep things understated yet add an unforgettable touch to your celebration.


What's the secret to picking the perfect simple wedding dress or suit?

To find the perfect wedding attire, focus on your style and choose a dress or suit that's both elegant and comfortable. Consider timeless styles like a minimalist gown or a well-tailored suit. Or, if you prefer, go for something that stands out, like a dreamy boho design, a chic shift gown, and chinos with a white open-collared shirt for the groom. The key is picking something that makes you feel great and aligns with the overall feel of your wedding. This way, you'll look and feel your best on your special day.

What are creative ways to photograph your wedding?

Capturing your wedding day is about creating memories, not just photographs. Consider a photographer specializing in candid, natural shots that tell the story of your day. 

For a more interactive guest experience, provide instant cameras or encourage guests to use their smartphones to capture spontaneous moments. You can make it easy for them to share their photos by linking to your wedding website with a QR code. Blending professional and personal snapshots in your wedding album brings together diverse perspectives, capturing your day in a multidimensional way.

Your dream day: moving forward with simple wedding plans

Many couples, confronted with the norms of grand wedding celebrations, now opt for a simpler, more heartfelt wedding, steering away from the conventional one-size-fits-all approach.

This article has hopefully illuminated the path to such a wedding. We've answered questions about everything from selecting the right venue to choosing attire and simple catering options; the focus has been on simplicity and personalization.

Now, it's your turn to apply these insights to your wedding planning. Embrace your vision and enjoy the journey towards creating a beautiful, simple day rich in personal meaning. For more resources and inspiration, continue exploring why an all-inclusive venue like Zion Springs could be perfect for your simple wedding, as outlined in "Zion Springs: 5 compelling reasons it might just be your dream wedding venue", and delve into the allure of modern, intimate celebrations with "Minimony magic: modern, intimate wedding celebrations." Remember, your perfect day is about celebrating your love story in a way that feels right.