A joyful bride twirls in her wedding dress while the groom playfully holds the bouquet, both sharing a blissful moment in a serene park.

What are the current wedding dress trends

Have you ever felt lost in the sea of tulle, lace, and sequins while hunting for the perfect wedding dress?

It's a common sentiment, as every bride-to-be is keen to unearth her dream gown among a wealth of available options. The search can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking, especially with the wedding countdown in full swing.

At Zion Springs, we're thrilled to take you behind the scenes! Nestled amidst nature's tranquility, our venue has been the backdrop to a myriad of dreamy weddings, each a unique love story. But we do more than just celebrate your big day; we dive joyfully into the world of bridal fashion, staying upbeat and in sync with the latest trends, all while tuning into what makes a bride's heart flutter with excitement.

Imagine a morning sunbeam dancing on your ring as you sip a delicious latte, flipping through bridal magazines. Today's quest? Finding the dress that captures your story. Inspired by dreamy weddings, we've handpicked styles from minimalist to boho just for you! Let's turn your search for the perfect dress into an enchanting adventure filled with the latest bridal must-haves. Ready to explore?

Wedding dress styles: an expression of your innermost dreams

With inspirations from celebrity weddings to bridal fashion-week highlights, you're never short of ideas. Moreover, as sustainable bridal fashion becomes pivotal, brands are crafting eco-friendly designs without compromising on style.

Ready to swoon? From the ultra-glam to the effortlessly chic, these are the wedding gown trends you'll want to know about:


Minimalist magic

Amidst the loud and lavish, there lies the beauty of simplicity. Imagine the delicate whisper of a fabric, a silhouette that feels just right. It's not about being plain, it's about elegance in every stitch.  Gone are the lacy frills and flouncy puff sleeves of this sleek and chic shift gown.


Boho beauty

For the brides who dance to their own beat, boho gowns with floaty fabrics and dreamy designs are the way to go. Think dainty necklines, whimsical patterns, and totally ethereal vibes.


Vintage vibe

There’s an old-world charm, a tale told through delicate laces and classic cuts. Whether you're feeling the fringed dresses Roaring '20s or the poodle-skirt of the Fabulous '50s, a vintage dress is like wearing a piece of history with a modern twist.


Ball gown glam

Who said fairy tales were just for kids? Turn your bridal dreams into reality with regal ball gowns adorned with sequins, lace, and everything glamorous. Feel like a princess, because you deserve to!


Short & sweet

It’s about breaking the mold but with all the grace and poise. For the audacious brides wanting to switch things up, tea-length and mini dresses are the quirky alternative to traditional gowns. Perfect for twirling the night away!

With each of these styles, brides are not just choosing a dress, but expressing a piece of their soul. So, whether you're swayed by sleeves, enamored with necklines, or bowled over by bows, there's a style waiting just for you!

Behind the bridal dress trend scene

Ever wondered who or what's driving these fab trends? Let's spill some tea:

  • Celeb celebrations: Whether it's an A-lister's dreamy dress or an iconic movie bridal look, celeb weddings are where we often find oodles of inspiration.
  • Cultural chic: Bridal styles from around the world are weaving their magic. Think beautiful Indian lehengas or graceful Japanese kimonos. The world's your bridal oyster!
  • Fashion week faves: Oh, the places bridal fashion weeks take us! Innovations from top designers like the amazing Vera Wang are always on our watchlist.
  • Eco-elegance: Brands like Reformation are all about that sustainable charm, crafting gorgeous gowns that are kind to Mother Earth. 
  • Social Media: Who can resist the temptations shared with you on Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and others.

Gown glory: the best fabrics for your wedding dress!

Choosing a fabric isn't just about texture; it's about how you want to feel wrapped in it. Whether it's the dream-like softness of silk or the luxurious embrace of satin, each fabric whispers a different story. Let's see what's making waves:

  • Dreamy tulle: Perfect for that fairy-tale full skirt.
  • Sultry silk and satin: All about that luxe glow and elegant drape.
  • Sparkling fabrics: For that extra bit of glam.
  • Lovely lace: Timeless, romantic, and oh-so-dreamy.
  • Sheer & stylish: A hint of mystery with a dash of drama.
  • Comfy cottons: For sun-drenched weddings by the beach.
  • Eco-fabrics: because looking good shouldn't cost the earth.

Accessorize your aisle style: top wedding dress add-ons!

Accessories are like constellations in the night sky of your ensemble, each piece shining brightly, adding to your magic.

  • Veils: Not just a tradition but a statement! While its symbolic significance remains, contemporary designs infuse creativity with embroidery, lace trims, and unexpected embellishments like pearl beads, making it a standout piece in its own right.
  • Hairpieces: From floral crowns to tiaras, make every strand count. While floral crowns continue to charm bohemian brides, ornate jeweled tiaras and pins are resonating with those seeking a blend of tradition and luxury.
  • Gloves and capes: Vintage chic is back and how! Gloves are making a stylish return, with choices ranging from sheer to intricately designed lace. Capes, too, are gaining popularity, serving as an elegant alternative to veils and adding a touch of drama to bridal silhouettes, especially for those winter weddings.
  • Subtle jewels: Let your dress shine with understated bling. Think delicate diamond earrings and minimalist necklaces that underscore elegance while ensuring the gown remains the showstopper.
  • Retro shoes: Lace booties and pearl-embellished heels are trending, offering brides a chance to nod to the past while firmly stepping into their future.

Remember, while it's awesome to stay trendy, your big day is all about YOU! Choose what feels right, what makes your heart race a little faster, and what embodies your love story.

Embracing your wedding planning: beyond the dress

Diving into the world of wedding dresses can feel a bit like a treasure hunt in a shimmering sea of tulle and sequins. Sure, the landscape is ever-changing with tons of dazzling options. From dreamy ball gowns to eco-chic fabrics, the bridal runway is bursting with choices that reflect not just trends, but you!

But here's the scoop: while it's fun to peek at the latest styles, remember they're just the icing on the cake. Your perfect dress? It's the one that feels like a second skin, aligns with the wedding dress codes, and makes your heart sing. So, while we've dished out some gems, always let your unique sparkle lead the way. Happy dress shopping, and may your choice be as fabulous as your love story!

At Zion Springs, we're not just about dresses but the entire wedding journey – from bespoke invitations to unforgettable cocktails. Your story is unique, and your venue should echo that. Go all-inclusive or tailor every detail; it's all up to you.