Bride gracefully stepping into her gown, moments before the ceremony at Zion Springs

What do I fear the most for my wedding?

Ever felt that flutter of nerves as your big day approaches? 

Wondering if everything will go as planned?

The adventure of a lifetime begins with a joyous “Yes!” and culminates in the heartfelt “I do.” But like any grand journey, the road to the perfect wedding is paved with unexpected twists, challenges, and fears that can be overwhelming. 

At Zion Springs, we totally understand that each of you has your own set of wedding jitters. Whether it's about making your day super special, or just getting those budget and venue details spot on, we've been there, done that! 

With all the insights and expertise we've gathered, we've put together this guide to ease your worries and pave the way for a spectacular wedding.

Top 5 wedding planning concerns and their solutions

Planning a wedding? It's pretty exciting, but also a rollercoaster of feelings. Here's a peek at the top five things most of us worry about, and some handy fixes.

1. “Oh-no! Did I choose right?” moments

Every couple frets about making the perfect choices, be it for the theme, music, or the dress. Remember, it's essential to trust your instincts. When in doubt, have a chat with trusted friends or professionals. Just know that every choice you make sprinkles a bit of ‘you’ onto your day, making it authentically and fabulously yours.

2. What if I go over budget? 

Concerned about costs spiraling out of control? It's wise to set a clear budget before you do any planning or decision-making, factoring in a little extra for unforeseen expenses.  Generally you want to set aside an emergency fund of 10% of your total budget.  Keep in mind the various hidden costs such as fees, gratuities, setup charges, etc. Regularly reviewing and sticking to this budget can keep financial stress at bay.

3. How do I include cultural and family traditions? 

Navigating diverse backgrounds? Concerned about honoring family traditions? Initiate conversations with family members to understand cherished customs. Whether it's a ritual, dance, or heirloom dish, incorporate these elements into your celebration. For example, you might want to include a traditional dish on the menu, add a religious ritual in the ceremony, or play a specific song from your culture in the dance playlist. This respects and celebrates both families, making everyone feel included.

4. How to avoid technology glitches

Technology is indispensable in today's weddings, from multimedia presentations to livestreams for distant guests. However, tech glitches can happen. You don’t want your romantic first dance to abruptly stop because somebody bumped your Spotify playlist.  For smooth integration, have tech support or someone tech-savvy on hand. This way, every virtual moment goes off without a hitch.

5. What if my vendor lets me down?

 Wondering if your vendors will deliver as promised? Regular check-ins and clear communication can help align expectations. Seeking testimonials or reviews from past clients can also offer peace of mind.  Scrutinize their contract, and check that they have contingency plans for inclement weather or other potential delays.

Got those worries sorted? Brilliant! But, to keep things calm on the big day, there's one thing you've got to have: a checklist. Let’s jump right into that!

The wedding day checklist to calm your big day fears


Let's face it, leaving those rings behind or forgetting to pick up the boutonnières could give anyone pre-wedding jitters. The trick? A fabulous wedding checklist! Keep it fresh with updates, cross-checks, and hand over some tasks to your trusty squad. Every checkmark isn't just a task completed; it's a step closer to that joyous moment when you both say 'yes' to forever! Remember: the more you prepare, the less you panic.

  • Those pre-wedding butterflies?: Totally normal. Lean on your support system, focus on your love story, and don't shy away from a good chat or even counseling. There are some fantastic meditation apps that can help you relax through breathing exercises.  Be careful taking medication, especially if you haven’t used it before.
  • Feeling overwhelmed?: It's okay to take breaks from wedding planning and indulge in self-care. Whether it's a spa day, a quiet read, or just time out with your partner, recharge and return with a fresh mind.
  • Rain on your wedding day: You've dreamt of a perfect outdoor wedding, but the clouds have other plans. Keep a close eye on weather updates as your day approaches and always have a Plan B, like an indoor venue or marquee. Make sure your vendors are prepared for all types of weather.
  • Worried not everyone will make it to the big day: It's natural to hope everyone can make it. If responses are slow, consider sending RSVP reminders as your date approaches. But always keep in mind: it's the love and joy shared on your special day that truly matters, not just the headcount. 
  • Concerned about guests' attire choices: Worrying that someone might outshine the bride or just show up too casual? Specify the dress code on your invitation and remind guests closer to the day.  Include a link on your wedding website with more information on what your dress code looks like.
  • Coordinating my wedding day: Concerned about the flow of the day? If you haven’t hired a wedding planner consider hiring a day-of coordinator or designating a trusted person to oversee smooth proceedings. 
  • Unexpected guest drama: We all have that one relative or friend. Preemptively, designate a friend or hire a wedding planner to handle any disruptions, ensuring smooth proceedings.  If you are not inviting plus-ones, add a note on your invitation that due to limited space at the venue, you can’t include them.  
  • Nervous about tripping or stumbling over words: Tripping over your wedding dress or mispronouncing a word during vows? These are universal fears. Practice makes perfect. A rehearsal can make all the difference. Small mistakes? They can make unforgettable memories!
  • Will my guests truly enjoy themselves: It's everyone's dream for their guests to have a fantastic time. Address this by catering to diverse tastes, planning engaging activities, and ensuring a comfortable ambiance.  It starts with asking them their meal preferences on the invitation, to providing blankets in cold weather.  Guests noticed the little things, and appreciate being included in the celebration.  Provide activities, such as a charcuterie board or party games while you are doing your photographs, so they aren't milling about getting bored.
  • What if my decor doesn’t match my vision: Dreaming of that perfect setting? Collaborate with your decorator. Mock setups and vision boards, whether physical or on Pinterest, are fabulous ways to get on the same page and fine-tune your dream look.
  • Anxious about not looking my absolute best: Trials are key. Schedule makeup, hair, and dress rehearsals to iron out any quirks.  You can have a friend use their phone camera to record you so you can see what you look like from all angles.
  • Photo fears: Want those picture-perfect memories? Vet your photographer's portfolio and arrange a pre-wedding shoot. Give them your must-have shot list. When picking your wedding venue, keep an eye out for those dreamy backdrops. And a quick tip? Let your wedding planner or maid-of-honor be your second set of eyes during the photoshoot to keep you looking fab!
  • Bubbly bliss: Cheers to the celebrations, but let's keep it classy! Encourage responsible drinking and maybe give your bar staff a wink to be mindful of those super eager refills. Have a friend or coordinator on standby to gently handle anyone getting a bit too bubbly.
  • Plan vs. reality: Things might not always follow the script. If rain crashes your photoshoot or the (yikes!) cake takes a tumble, remember: spontaneity can be a scene-stealer. Embrace spontaneity, and you could find some magic in the most unscripted moments!

With the checklist in your grasp, effortlessly glide past common wedding fears towards your dream day's perfection. Enjoy it all and step confidently into the next chapter of your wedding planning adventure!

Bridal couple celebrating their winter wedding amidst falling snow.

Are you ready to start planning your wedding day?

Embarking on the journey to your wedding day is filled with a mix of excitement, anticipation, and yes, a touch of nerves. Remember that initial rush of joy at the thought of planning your big day? It's a momentous life event, and it’s natural to feel a wave of uncertainties along the way.

Thankfully, this guide has illuminated the path, tackling every concern and offering solutions to quell those pre-wedding jitters. With your roadmap in hand (the 6-month checklist), each detail falls into place, and your dream day takes shape.

Zion Springs totally resonates with your emotions, and we're here to add that extra sparkle to your journey. Eager for more? Why not take a peek at what to expect on a  virtual tour at Zion Springs? Let’s journey towards a celebration that truly mirrors your love story, together!